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    Michal Dy app

    ble ble

    Michal Dy app

    Post  ble ble on Wed Dec 29, 2010 5:42 am

    Character name: michal dy
    Summary:i h8 play sin, but got rly big exp on monking
    Do you know the following speed clears, if so what roles:

    fowsc:eoe 100b monkie

    uwsc:eoe emo

    urgoz: once done

    doa:monkie or dwg

    slavers exile:made once

    kath:made once

    soosc:made once

    frostmaws:made once

    Do you have any contacts within the guild? Nope

    How did you hear of the guild? I made DoA wiith one of members

    What blink 182 albums do you own? now none. prefer heavy metal or hard rock

    Have you been on any runs with the guild? no

    Why are you interested in [bLt]? ended my lux and kurz titles and want to make money for zrank

    How many quests are in the Fissure of Woe? 11

    How many quests are in the Underworld? 11

    Who is Tom Delonge? member of blink 182

    Do you have the ablility to use ventrilo? yes but dont like it

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