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    Post  4ddy on Fri Feb 11, 2011 1:41 pm

    Character name: (main character)
    My Name Is Claudiu
    Summary: (here include a summary of you guild wars exp, guilds, sc's, misc. info)
    -i play guild wars for 32months,and i was just solo without a guild.I love to play uw,fow and dung
    -im pro on lt uw,100b,mt,t1,t2 fow,and on soo

    Do you know the following speed clears, if so what roles:



    urgoz:dont like urgozxD

    doa:i will try do
    slavers exile:i dont do it but i will try it



    frostmaws:i will try to do this one 2

    Do you have any contacts within the guild?
    -nop i dont know anyone on blt
    How did you hear of the guild?
    -i have heard u are a nice sc guild form Angel Of Dead P P he was on EZ
    What blink 182 albums do you own?
    Have you been on any runs with the guild?
    Why are you interested in [bLt]?
    -i wanna learn more scs and do a pro sc and have more friends
    How many quests are in the Fissure of Woe?
    How many quests are in the Underworld?
    Who is Tom Delonge?
    -a singer perhaps
    Do you have the ablility to use ventrilo?
    -yes i have and i got micro 2

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